Announcement Changjiang River Scientific Research Institute on the Introduction of High-level Talent…
Scientific Expedition of CRSRI in Source Areas of Changjiang River and Lanchang River has been Succe…
Dr. Guo Xiling Headed Delegation Carrying out Academic Exchange in USA
CRSRI delegation attended The 2nd IACGE International Conference on Geotechnical and Earthquake Engi…
Dike Breaching Experts from Netherland and Belgium Visited CRSRI
Delegate from CRSRI attends the 10th International Conference on Hydroscience and Engineering
The Scientific Investigation of CRSRI in Source of Changjiang River and Lancang River has been Succe…
Delegation of CRSRI participates in the project workshop of Europe Seventh Framework Programme LEDD
CRSRI representative participates in the 6th National Conference on Environmental Chemistry on Envi…
China developes plan to tackle soil erosion
Dr. Song Xianhai participates in the compilation of academic monograph
CRSRI Representatives Participate in the 79th Annual Meeting of ICOLD
CRSRI Representatives at ESF Conference “Water Governance: Meeting the Challenges of Global Change”…
Professor from University of Weimar pays a visit to CRSRI
CRSRI delegation participates in the Fourth Yangtze Forum
Representatives from Changjiang River Scientific Research Institute Participate in the UNESCO / IHE …
President Guo Xiling Extended Condolences to CTI—Our Partner in Japan
8 Won the 4th “CWRC Outstanding Achievement Award”
Billions to be poured into ailing reservoirs
Investment on south-to-north water diversion hit 115b yuan
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